Court issued three judgments this week

On Tuesday, the 4th of February, the court service published the joint judgment (here) in Ecologic Data Centres v An Bord Pleanala and Urrinbridge v An Bord Pleanala (Board), which the Court delivered on the 12th of December. Both cases had similar facts: objectors lodged appeals of planning permissions to the Board; in both cases, the Board met and agreed to overturn the grant of permission; in both cases, the objectors withdrew their objections after the Board met but before the Board issued its written decision. The Court held that the Board’s decision was not final until the written decision was published therefore, the planning permissions remained in place.

On Thursday, the 6th of February, the Court issued two judgments: Hanrahan v Gladney & Anor and a joint judgment in Kavanagh v RTE and Craddock v RTE.

Fennelly J read the judgment in Hanrahan. The Applicant is a lay litigant who is involved in a High Court dispute with the Revenue Commissioners. The High Court ordered that certain farm payments be paid direct to Revenue. The Applicant was seeking an injunction to postpone the order, to allow him to apply for judicial review of the High Court decision. However, the Applicant did not make a judicial review application. The Court did not make any order, not even for costs.

In Kavanagh and Craddock, the Court rejected an appeal by RTE against a decision of the High Court. The Court did not give any details of the case. But a copy of the judgment was supplied to the Irish Times, which has a report here.

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