National Asset Loan Management v Coyle

NAMA-logoIn this case (here), the Court dismissed an appeal by Coyle against the High Court grant of summary judgment, as the issues raised were matters of interpretation of contractual terms that could be resolved at the summary hearing and not a defence that could warrant a full plenary hearing.

Coyle had six loan facilities with Anglo Irish when its loans were transferred to NAMA. NAMA created six new accounts in Coyle’s name with corresponding loan facilities to the six Anglo accounts and transferred the funds from the NAMA accounts into the Anglo accounts. By this, the Anglo accounts were paid off and closed, and Coyle’s indebtedness was transferred to NAMA. Coyle argued that this meant that his indebtedness to Anglo was resolved and he had no contractual relationship with NAMA by which it could enforce the loans. The issue was whether this was an arguable defence.

Clarke J, dismissing the appeal, held that the issue was one of contractual interpretation, that the Anglo loan facility letters expressly contemplated set-off and that Coyle had not therefore presented any arguable case.

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