The Court will hear two appeals this week before five judge panels.

Is the State required under the Diseases of Animals Act 1966 to compensate farmers for contingent losses suffered from the culling of their sheep flocks? On Monday, the Chief Justice and the other four senior judges of the Court will hear an appeal in Rafferty & Anor v Minister for Agriculture [2008] IEHC 344. In the High Court, McGovern J refused the Appellants claim for contingent losses, in addition to compensation the State paid them for the market value of their flocks.

Then on Wednesday a five judge panel will hear an appeal to Sweeney v Govenor of Laughlan House [2014] IEHC 150. In 2006, a UK court sentenced Sweeney to a term of imprisonment. He applied for transfer to an Irish prison to serve his sentence. In the UK he would have benefitted from 50% remission, and he would have been due for early release in March 2014. Under Irish policy, however, he can only qualify for 25% remission on the remainder of his sentence left at the date of his transfer, and he will not be due for early release until November 2016. Sweeney brought judicial review proceedings in the High Court for a declaration that his continued detention is ultra vires. Keane J rejected that application.

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