2014 Review: one in three appeals were successful

Origins of the cases

The Supreme Court website lists 79 judgments for 2014. 71 of those came from the High Court; three were from the Court of Criminal Appeal; one was an appeal of a Supreme Court decision (Superwood); one was a case stated from the Special Criminal Court (DPP v C); one seems to be a case stated direct from the Circuit Court (DPP v Cullen); one was an appeal of a jury award (Leech); and one was a written judgement on costs (Walsh v Sligo Co Co).

Two of the appeals from the  Court of Criminal Appeal were allowed, one was dismissed. The appeal from the Special Criminal Court was dismissed, as was the request to overturn the Supreme Court decision.

48 of the appeals from the High Court were dismissed, 23 were allowed. The table below shows how those figures break down in relation to individual High Court judges.

Judge Dismiss Allow
McGovern 5  1
Kearns 4
Kelly 4
Hogan 1 4
Hedigan 1 3
Charleton 2 2
O’Neill 2 2
de Valera 2 1
Peart 2 1
Bermingham 2
Edwards 2
Finlay Geoghegan 2
Laffoy 2
Mac Eochaidh 2
Ryan 2
Barrett 1 1
Cross 1 1
Cooke 1
Dunne 1
Feeney 1
Hanna 1
Herbert 1
Irvine 1
O’Keefe 1
O’Malley 1
Murphy, Roderick 1
Murphy 1
Abbott 1
Barr 1
Buttler 1
Clark 1
Keane 1
Others 1 2
Totals 48 23


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